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18Aug, 2018


MIT is probably the country's premier University for Engineering. Their reputation for cultivating great minds with world changing ideas is unparalleled. You are probably wondering how I have the right to put Mold. Precision Engineering's name next to the name of such a great learning institution. I'm glad you asked because now I can show you my summer vacation photos and tell you "what I did on my summer vacation".

17Aug, 2018

Multi-Cavity, Single Cavity, Mold Insert, MUD Insert, Mold Base

I often get asked "Why is there such a wide spread in mold costs?" If the age old proverb says "You get what you pay for", then the next question is "What am I paying for?" In as few words as possible, I am going to try to explain this, but if I answered this question without writing about molded piece costs, I wouldn't be doing it justice. You probably already know, if you are buying a mold, it's because you want molded parts at the least total cost at your desired quality that meets your scheduling requirements. Therefore, I think it would be best if we talked about this in those terms.

16Aug, 2018


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